How I Do Budgeting

It has been four years since my last post about my way to organize my money, not really my money I guess, since the last time I wrote it when I was still a student and supported completely by my parents financially.

Now, I am completely detached from parents’ help and have a full capacity on my own to manage and spend it. To have such a sense of control, I split my monthly income into separate categories.

Monthly Primary Budget

This budget is attributed to all my monthly necessities expenses, including credit purchase, groceries, household items, personal care products, transportation, entertainment (netflix / spotify / disney+), and eating out occasionally.


I still figure out how to resort my monthly savings into investment alternatives, but I am planning to stash these savings into gold investment soon. This monthly budget cushion has never been taken out since early.


Since I do notice that there will always be impending needs to replace our gadgets after a period of time and this kind of budget is fairly depleted considerable money. As such, I certainly will not be able to always get myself prepared with any impromptu urgent needs to pull out a bunch of money at once without having a plan earlier. For that reason, I spared an ample budget way earlier before to make myself ready given that I need to replace my old gadgets shortly. It loosen my burden to some extent though the eventual numbers are not sufficient. I could resort to my emergency fund given that I absolutely need an extra.

Self Development

I have had a downright interest in books since a long time ago. For that, I am better to get myself ready every time whenever I spot a new interesting book / e-book. I do subscribe to some apps, such as Gramedia Digital, Scripts, or else which facilitate me with appealing contents, by making the use of this budget as well.

General Shopping

This budget is aimed for any shopping purchases as clothing, shoes, simply any common fashion spending. To have this budget means I have such a control over myself to not exaggerate whenever I catch myself blown away with any interesting shirts, cardigans, skirts, dresses in instagram, ecommerce, etc.


I have a special sparse in my monthly budget for charity purposes. I also intended my monthly primary budget sometimes to give a tip for ojol, purchase from any peddlers on the way I get home, etc. Yet I still occupy a concrete number for monthly charity just in case I forget to meet a chance to do any kind of unpredicted good deeds like I mentioned before. Just to make sure I put some away before I completely used-up with all the money.


This is destined to help out my parents or sister or simply purchase any gifts for them every now and then. Either way, I try to not forget myself to please the unquestionably closest people in my life that their happy smile will give me support to function better than ever.

Splurge Purchase

I do agree sometimes there is a substantial desire to buy certain items yet cost you plenty, such as a sport shoes which demand you with not just a slight amount of money. As such, I again give myself prepared already with fair enough money to buy stuff that I’ve been eyeing or yearning for a long time.


My office does not equip me with insurance yet that this budget is intended to help myself out whenever I need extra money for the sake of my own well-being.

Emergency Fund

There sometimes happen unpredictable and unprecedented situations where you are not aware of it before. For that how this budget goes to favor me with any rare circumstances

‘Back to Hometown’ Budget

I twice in a year routinely have a flight for coming to my parents home in Aceh. Again, this is one of spending that takes somewhat a great amount of money at once. I put aside this need earlier each month to accommodate me with sufficient money, even put an extra budget beyond the basic needs just in case I require to get a sudden return home needs at any time.


I frankly yearn to have a long flight to a place far outside the country any soon. But the truth is I am fairly not capable to accommodate this kind of wishes since I still prioritizing to return to parents home at any chances despite I could not afford it financially as well. Then this budget basically intended to afford myself a sudden escape to Bandung to meet my friends there, or maybe a short trip to the nearest countries which will not cost me a lot. However, with this pandemic that has been one year affecting us to not be able to go anywhere, I have been saving more than usual. That might be one day I could get somewhere farther away with my friends. Amin.

So, those budgets are pretty much all things I have managed to do. However, I put myself thoughtful to not force myself way harder to stay in these proposed budgets. Given that there are situations when I need to spend ‘extra’, I let myself agree, and accept it. I never again let myself feel extra cautious and frightened with money. I embrace as it stands.

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